Do It For The Cuddles

Don’t Do It For The Money
Don’t Do It For The Fame
Do It For The Cuddles

We live in a world full of ‘look at me’, ‘i earn this much money’, ‘how many likes did you get on that post’ etc etc the list can go on and this is the reason why our slogan is what it is. With the joking side coming from the cuddles however its about bringing people closer with out any expectations in anyone, just being you and accepting others for who they are. Not for what you can gain from. Life is a very short in the grand scheme of the universe and its very easy to fall in to the ‘i need this to get to this’ enjoy the moment today, the struggle and the bad times allow the good times to be beautiful. I think the message to this post is just do what you want to do when you want to do it and respect all others around you.

Love and Cuddles


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